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Web applications have become the Achilles heel of IT security. Web application vulnerabilities are now the most prevalent at more than 55 percent of all server vulnerability disclosures. This figure does not include vulnerabilities in custom-developed web applications, so it may be just the “tip of the iceberg,” according to IBM’s analysis.

Vulnerabilities in web applications may take any of two dozen forms. Many attacks use fault injection, which exploits vulnerabilities in a web application’s syntax and semantics. In simple terms, here an attacker manipulates data in a web page Uniform Resource Indicator (URL) link to force an exploitable malfunction in the application. The two most common varieties are SQL Injection and Cross-site Scripting. The outcome often gives an attacker control over the application and easy access to the server, database, and other back-end IT resources.

With such advantages several businesses still use and continue to build new desktop applications. We provide desktop application software development services for the needs of our clients. These applications are a built on the .net platform and can be integrated with other software like web applications and other legacy systems using web services. We have expert programmers in .net platform who have worked on both desktop and web applications and will pass the expertise for your project.

Web Application Security Services :

Web application vulnerabilities are often outside the traditional expertise of network managers. Their built-in obscurity helps evade traditional network defenses — unless an organization takes deliberate countermeasures. Unfortunately, there is no “silver bullet” for detection. As with network security, the best strategy is a multi-layer approach. Detection and remediation may require source code analysis. Detecting other vulnerabilities may require on-site penetration testing.

  • Crawl web applications.
  • Identify cross-site scripting and SQL injection vulnerabilities.
  • Detect sensitive content in HTML based on user settings.
  • Conduct authenticated and non-authenticated scanning.
  • Cross Site Scripting
  • Session Management
  • Cross Site Request Forgery
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They are highly professional and skilled company and know what they are doing. Excellent communication skills and extremely patient staff. They are not in a hurry to finish the project and just deliver what they made. They take time and understand your needs completely and if you fail to explain them precisely what you want, they will make changes until you are fully satisfies. By far one of the best software development companies I have worked with. Highly recommended.

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.Net SolutionsAt Sky Technovation we are mostly working with .NET Technology, All our products and custom development is being done in .NET only. Here are few strong area of our Development and our products.

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