Waterfall Development Model

A time-boxed collaborative approach towards achieving Pre-defined Goals. The Waterfall Development Model is a classic approach which helps our teams at Sky Technovation to work in a continuous, step-by-step manner. With definite goals, once a phase of development is completed, we proceed to the next without turning back.


Linear processes are fixed before the start of a phase with scheduled timelines and results. A fixed sequence of stages is followed from requirement understanding to development planning, design, implementation, testing, deployment, and support and maintenance. This model allows a very swift flow.


Step 1: Designing

Right from conceptualization of process flow to operation and maintenance, every stage of the complete project is analyzed, and each and every operational procedure is defined. A simple, easy to understand document is generated accordingly.

Step 2: Documentation

All processes are documented in detail.

Step 3: Redo

Working on a totally original product, everything is done twice before the final version of the project is delivered at the clients’ system.

Step 4: Plan, Control, Monitor – Testing

The greatest challenge (and risk), in terms of time and money, is testing, as it happens at the last stage when it is not possible to turn back.

Step 5: Client

Finally, the client gets involved for the closure of the project.

Reviews after each process decide the quality assurance and changes in requirement. This model is used when the requirements, total costs involved, the resources required and the overall specifications of the project are clearly defined. A schedule with deadlines for each stage of development is set up for final delivery of projects to clients on time.

.Net SolutionsAt Sky Technovation we are mostly working with .NET Technology, All our products and custom development is being done in .NET only. Here are few strong area of our Development and our products.

Enterprise application development
Intranet and Extranet Solutions
Logistic web ERP with TMS & WMS
Restaurant Point of Sale Dekstop & Web system
Database management solutions
Customer Relationship Management
Transportation Management System
Inventory Management System
B2B Portal Development Solutions
Multi Level Development System Development
Warehouse Management System
Accounting Management System